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Georg Daniel Teusch, born in 1817, died on the 3rd of July 1893, was one of the remarkable personalities of the Sibiu society, one of those who militated in favor of maintaining the entity of the Saxon nation and of the Transylvanian culture. An honorary member of ASTRA, president of the Association for Study of History of Transylvania, Georg Daniel Teutsch was the bishop of the Evangelical Church in Transylvania since the 12th of November 1868.

His statue was inaugurated on the 19th of August 1899. It represented the body of the bishop Georg Daniel Teusch. The statue was placed southern of the Evangelical Cathedral, the sculptor was Adolf von Donndorf of Stuttgart. The height is 3,5 meters and the statue is made of bronze with a pedestal of the same height.

The pedestal has a square plane with two stairs at the basis made of granite. On its facades there are four medallions in bas-relief of the collaborators of the bishop, Bishop Paul Binder, Count Konrad Schmidt, Councilor Johann Karl Schuller and his secretary, the politician Franz Gebbel. These are linked with a continuous bandeau of vegetal decoration in bronze.

The statue is in a standing position, clad in a priest costume holding the Bible, whereas the right hand is sustained on a little column on which a pile of documents is placed which symbolize the medieval liberties of the Saxons. The little column has on its section a circular medallion in which the two legendary leaders of the Saxons are sculpted in bas-relief swearing an oath with the swords crossed, the oath for the establishment of Sibiu.

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