Victoriei nr.11, Sibiu

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The Palace of Justice was built in the Josefin District. This district appeared when the lots in the old citadel of the town were improved. The citadel was only planed, the only begun works were those for the improvement of the space necessary for the fortification.

On this plateau streets were built, one of them being built out of the wish of the imperial army to organize a military space inside the town. Thus the street being called today Bulevardul Victoriei appeared. On this street the Court of Sibiu was built in 1908.

The building has a very important place in the history of our country. Immediately after the end of the First World War, after Transylvania was united with Romania and after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in this building the Resorts, i.e. the Justice Ministry, the Food and Communication Ministry of the Governing Council of Transylvania, a real transitional government of the province.

The building is typical for the eclectic beginning of the 20th century. It has no less than six wings linked to each other that form also two inner yards. The windows are various decorations.

The front gate is a special one due to its false balcony structure. The entry proper has two engaged circular columns with a simple tall base which are decorated with (…) and horizontal lines. The column head is an elaborated one going up to the first floor. On the arch key stone of the portal an emblem is applied. One enters through a wooden door with two leaves and a transom window at the upper part. The interior is a monumental one with a stone staircase as well as the railing and the direct hand.

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