Corneliu Coposu FN, Sibiu

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In the 19th century the administration of the town of Sibiu completed a complex redimensioning program. The old fortifications of the medieval citadel were not efficient anymore and their removal was desired.

The rampart in the southern extremity of the citadel is part of the fifth fortification circle of the mediaeval fortress which was built in the second half of the 16th century for fortifying the Upper Town. In the first decades of the 19th century here the Invalids’ Promenade was built in memory of the Habsburg soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars and not only in that. The project was coordinated by the commander of the guard regiment “Baron Splenyi No. 31”, Colonel Johann von Vecsey.

As a reward the commemorative plate erected in 1829 and placed on the key of the platform buit in front of the monument is dedicated to him. The monument was renovated in 1883, the money, about 1000 guldens were offered by the Emperor Franz Joseph.

Inscription on the monument: "The grateful inhabitants of Sibiu wished to remind the passers by with this modest monument that Ioan de Vecsey, the supreme commander of the guards who took farewell from this town in February 1828 when he was a tribune of the 31st Legion. He extended and built the public promenade in the year 1827 by a dignified effort. 1829".

The planer of the project was Franz Neuhauser the Young, he ordered the work to the sculptor Procopius who came from the Academy of Vienna. This one made the statue of the Emperor Francisc I in 1828, Emperor of the Habsburg Empire who ruled between 1792-1835 thus being alive when the monument was built.

The project of the entire monumental complex comprised the statue of the emperor Francisc I placed in a niche constructed in the precinct rampart of the citadel and on its platform a monument in memory of the Colonel Vecsey is erected.

The statue of the emperor Francisc I was crowned with laurel in the classicist style. The crown was made of lead. To the right and left of the monument a bronze sphinx was placed. The statue was removed by the communist administration of the town. In 2007 the complex was renovated under the guidance of the Friendship Association Sibiu-Klagenfurt and the statue was placed again there. The original of 1828 could not be renovated, that is why a precise copy of it was erected.

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