Nicolae Balcescu Nr. 4, Sibiu

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This hotel is most surely the oldest hotel of Romania. It was mentioned for the first time in 1544, when there was an inn important for our town situated on the road which came from Wallachia.

In this inn the king of Sweden himself was hosted in 1714 during his belligerent travel in the Balkans.

In 1772, Philipp Collignon hired the inn of the town „At the Blue Star”. He was the one who had an important role in the life of this inn, in its development and especially in its reputation.

Here the Habsburg emperor Joseph the Second was a guest on the 31st of May 1783 during his travel in Transylvania. In honor of this event the owner of the inn changed the name into the „Emperor of the Romans”.

In 1857 the Magistrate bought the Wayda house for the sum of 25.000 guldens with the intention to extend the inn. In 1873 the festive hall was parqueted, in 1876 in this place the theatre shows were performed during the renovation of the theatre.

The interest which the Magistrate gave this building was due to the fact that here many political meetings were held in which the Magistrate or politicians of Sibiu were involved such as the meetings of the Diet, the negotiations related to the signing of the Pragmatic Sanction or for the statute of the Saxon nation.

In 1891 it was decided that the old building be demolished and its replacement by a modern one which was in accordance with the necessities of the moment. The new building was inaugurated on the 7th of September 1895, it was built across the old building which was on the spot where Constantin Hagi Popp and the Greek Company had their shop and was also demolished.

The building is built in form of U with basement, high ground floor, two floors and one more floor in the attic. This end element situated at the crossroads of the streets Bălcescu and Xenopol, is different from the rest of the hotel by the different articulation of the windows which were double at the first floor and triple at the second floor.

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