Str. Gladiolelor nr. 4, Sibiu

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The statue was inaugurated on the 27th of June 1909, and was placed in front of the Roman-Catholic orphanage which the empress patronized and whose name it bore. The wish of the inhabitants was to commemorate the great Habsburg empress who protected Sibiu during her reign.

The sculptor of the statue was Konstantin Kleber of Budapest, the bust was made in bronze. It was ordered by the local authorities. The statue was placed in the park in front of the Roman-Catholic complex which gave the name of the Terezian quarter.

The superior part of the pedestal is largely represented and is decorated with stone stylized roses and scarves. The bust of the statue is covered in elements which belong to the parade costume of the Impire such as the cloack and the medal collar. Beside these we remark the existence of a scarf on the neck as well as a lacy embroidery.

The initial statue had an orphan child laying a flower crown at the feet of the empress. The today’s roses were continued by stone scarves. Around the statue there was a perimeter encircled by stone balusters linked to each other by wrought iron chains. These elements were not constructed again.

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