Piata Mare nr. 16, Sibiu

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The name comes from the multiple noble ownership of the house. First the house belonged to the Weidner family, then to the Reussner family. After Johann Reussner jr. the house belonged to Samuel Bedeus von Scharberg, then to the grandnephew of the Baron Brukenthal and to the merchant Misselbacher. This last one is the one who unites definitely the two buildings. The second, i.e. the today’s wing towards the Avram Iancu Street belonged for 400 years to the Czekelius family. Here for more than 100 years the renowned shop „Misselbacher” functioned. After the Second World War the building became the property of the state which used further the ground floor as a shop and the rest of the building as dwellings. The house was bought by the new owners after the year 2000.

It remains remarkable by the artistic details which it presents. One enters through a Renaissance portal but with strong Baroque influences which was made in 1652 by Elias Nicolai, one of the most important Baroque sculptors on the territory of Romania on the order of the mayor Johann Reussner jr. In the entry gang in the inner courtyard we find a Renaissance frame which was apparently made in 1582, which has the inscription CW (Czirves - Servatius - Weidner jr.) as well as other Renaissance elements. In the festive hall there is a Renaissance fresco with images from the Trojan war.

The house has seven wings, with basement, ground floor and an upper floor. It has two courtyards which belonged to the former buildings separated until the end of the 19th century. The vaulting, the roof truss have Gothic elements as well as Renaissance and Baroque elements.

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