Movilei, Sibiu

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The frequent attacks of the Ottoman armies in the 15th century caused Sibiu to fortify also the most populated part of the town, the old village limits, i.e. the Lower Town. This transformation of the town led to the necessity of the extension of the fortified area, the town was desired by more and more enemies but it grew more and more and the inhabitants put pressure on the community.

Thus in the middle of the 15th century the Lower Town was fortified including the new walls the Market of the Dragons, the hospital, the Franciscan monastery, the street of the journeymen. The wall built followed the route of the present day streets and markets Movilei - Felinarului - Gheorghe Magheru - 1 Decembrie 1918 - Regele Ferdinand - Nicolae Teclu - Pietrarilor - Zidului - Dârstelor – the area of the Pulmonology and Phtisiology Hospital.

The walls were flanked by defense towers. These were administered like the gates of the town by the guilds of Sibiu. These had the obligation to maintain, to renovate and provide the necessary weaponry (bows, spears, swords and later hackbuts and rifles) and the people to defend not only the tower but also the nearby wall segment.

One of the wall fragments which remained standing is on the present day Movilei Street. The fortification was made on the line of a natural descend which was fortified in wood during the Cuman migration. Here there appeared a zwinger between the wall which led to the basis fo the present day Avram Iancu Street and the new wall hindering the access of the attackers in the case of an attack.

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