Avram Iancu nr.16, Sibiu

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The house was one of the oldest houses preserved in the citadel of Sibiu. It is built in the 14th century on the Orezului Street, as Avram Iancu Street was named then. It was a noble house built in the style of the laic Gothic.

In the 15th century the house belonged to the Goldsmith Neugeborn. In 1850 the house is bought by Johann Bobel, therefore it has this name today. Bobel was the master of the guild of the bakers and remained in the history of Sibiu with his paintings of the markets and fortifications of the medieval citadel.

After his death the house has several owners, the last owner was Octavian Vestemean, the owner of „Vestemean house”, one of the printing houses of the town. The house was nationalized but the owner lives in it until the end of his life. Through the courtyard of the house an old medieval street, which in the meantime became an interior courtyard of the houses in the area, passed.

The renovations in the sixties led to the rediscovery of the Gothic fronton of the house. The house has only a ground floor and a basement. The plan is rectangular and had in the beginning only two rooms, a kitchen and a living room. Interventions on the house took place in time as it happened in the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries.

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