Discover Sibiu

1. General 14.62 km
In order to truly know Sibiu one has to discover all its stories and history. Therefore every tourist must follow a complete route and thus he or she will truly discover Sibiu.
2. Ecumenical 8.27 km
Sibiu has always been one of the important spiritual centers in Transylvania and Romania. In Sibiu there is the office of the Orthodox Mitropoly of Transylvania. In Sibiu one finds Orthodox Christians, Roman-Catholics, Greek-Catholics, Evangelicals, Calvinists, Jews. In Sibiu one finds churches older than the town itself, monasteries or chapels, all these wrote important pages in the history of the town.
3. Military 2.79 km
Sibiu has not been conquered for 700 years. That is why the Ottomans considered it the "Red Town", and the Pope in Rome considered it as a bulwark of Christianity. Sibiu had the most complex system of fortifications with five or even six lines of defense with towers and bulwarks, with well protected gates. Remnants of this system have resisted until today and can be discovered by every tourist.
4. Romanian 3.02 km
Sibiu was the center of emancipation of all Romanians in Transylvania. There existed ASTRA, the Orthodox Mitropoly, the Romanian Bank and the office of the Romanian party. In Sibiu some of the most important events in the Romanian history of the last two centuries happened. Such a route show you the fight for freedom of our ancestors.
5. Economic 3.3 km
Sibiu remained an important economic of Transylvania and afterwards of the entire Romania. In Sibiu the most important medieval guilds functioned. Here one found the best weapons, the purest gold was used and the Transylvanian salt was deposited. The Renaissance brought the most powerful bankers and in the last centuries the most important factories were developed. This history can still be discovered in the streets of Sibiu.
6. Sibiu - Must see 4.08 km
If you are in a hurry in Sibiu you can follow a simple route which will show you the history of the town in only a few hours.